A mobile, cashless, private vending box

Concept Model

Simply place it to instantly make your own shop

Qvie is a minimal, connected, private vending machine. Simply place it to instantly make your own shop and sell what you want anywhere.. e.g. Qvie can be placed in your Airbnb rooms as hospitality for your guests. When guests tap their mobile payment app, the door automatically opens and guests can take the item inside. Qvie accelerates and redefines the sharing C2C economy.

In the cargo space you can sell things that guests want to get quickly in daily life wherever they are, such as snacks, beverages, T-shirts, mobile chargers, etc., can all easily fit inside and be safely stored.

How to sell and buy

OWNER (Seller)
Put your product inside and write custom welcome or product information messages.
GUEST (Buyer)
Tap the purchase button on your mobile payment app, Qvie's door will automatically open and you can take the product inside.

Your Mobile Smart Shop - Anywhere

With 3G/4G connectivity and a lithium-ion battery that operates the electric door lock, you can manage inventory remotely. For exapmpe, when stock is purchased, our cloud service receives the notification and the owner receives revenue electronically.

The individually designed cargo unit is separated from the head unit e-paper display. One head unit can manage multiple cargo units so owners can create their own vending machines according to available space and product type.

Minimal Design

Qvie is carefully designed and visually appeals by using wood on the door to give the impression of premium quality, concealing the fact that it is actually a high-tech device.

Dimensions Head Unit 44×45×150mm (W×D×H)
Cargo Unit 146×383×210mm (W×D×H *Excluding the stand)

159×383×305mm (W×D×H *Including the stand)

Wireless Connectivity 3G/4G
Payment Method QR Code, NFC
Battery Operating Time Approx. 1 Month
Application OS Compatibility iOS/Android

*Subject to change during development.